X          Selected Works

Pharmaceutical Goetia - 2023

All of The Evils of The World, and Hope - 2023
Tempestarium - 2023

Meredith - 2022
Sympathetic Magic - 2022
The Three of Swords - 2022
Henosis - 2021
Under The Lich Moon - 2021
Summoning The Pooka - 2021
The Threshold of The Third Place - 2021
Shadow Meditation I "Hypersexuality" - 2020
The Alphabet of Whispers - WIP

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Winter Beaumont

Winter is an interdisciplinary artist and occultist based in the UK who's work merges ritual performance with installation, creative dreaming, assemblage, drawing, and folk magic. Winter is a graduate of Goldsmiths College, London, and is a member of the artist led project space and collective, Chaos Magic in Nottingham.

Winter's current research is aimed at interrogating the relationship between psychology and esotericism born out of their personal struggle with bipolar disorder and its relationship to their occult practice.

∴To The Mind that is Still, The Whole Universe Surrenders∴     

Winter Beaumont practices the art of change: an ever evolving system of occult creation and performance which harnesses ritual as a medium in order to manipulate the borders between the real and the imagined; the earthly and the otherworldly. Winter populates environments with spectral images and objects that violate the rational and bring into being magical possibilities in defiance of normality. Animistic currents of esotericism are embraced in order to work in defiant harmony with the natural world and harnessed as a radical agent of change. The symbolism and transcendent experiences of occulture are invoked in order to merge the aesthetic with the arcane, transgressing the threshold between art and magick.


Photograph by Francis Slip          

diallelus noun.  (Latin < Greek di allelon "through or by means of one another")
1. In logic, a circle in proof; an attempt to prove one proposition by another
which is itself proved only by the first.
2. Also known as Infinite Regress, a problem in pistemology and, in general,
a problem in any situation where a statement has to be justified. According to this argument,
any proposition requires a justification. However, any justification itself requires support.
This means that any proposition whatsoever can be endlessly (infinitely) questioned.