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X          Selected Works

Pharmaceutical Goetia - 2023

All of The Evils of The World, and Hope - 2023
Meredith - 2022
Sympathetic Magic - 2022
The Three of Swords - 2022
Henosis - 2021
Under The Lich Moon - 2021
Summoning The Pooka - 2021
The Threshold of The Third Place - 2021
Shadow Meditation I "Hypersexuality" - 2020
The Alphabet of Whispers - WIP

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mixed media video installation and ritual. 6:22. video screen, ink drawing on paper A2, hand made ritual dagger (Irish bog oak, pattern forged steel)
exhibited at Eastside Projects, Birmingham 2023
ritual performed at Colwick woods and nature reserve, Nottingham

An experimental magical working designed to summon thunder inspired by research into the Tempestarii: medieval sorcerers who were feared and revered for their powers to control the weather and summon storms. Exhibited at Eastside Projects as part of "If It Thunders on All Fools Day", curated by Dinosaur Kilby