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Pharmaceutical Goetia - 2023

All of The Evils of The World, and Hope - 2023
Tempestarium - 2023

Meredith - 2022
Sympathetic Magic - 2022
The Three of Swords - 2022
Henosis - 2021
Under The Lich Moon - 2021
Summoning The Pooka - 2021
The Threshold of The Third Place - 2021
Shadow Meditation I "Hypersexuality" - 2020
The Alphabet of Whispers - WIP

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interactive installation, sculpture, community ritual offering, flowers, earth, branches, hay, naturally dyed fabrics, oak gall ink, dead ivy, skulls, coins, beeswax . . . ~15' x 30' ~48 hours
exhibited at The Curious Tower, Nottingham 2023

A collaboration with artists Harry Martin and Milly Melbourne. Three sister sculptures stood in the Curious Tower community garden: The Spinner - embodying birth, the spring, and the blossoming of early summer, The Weaver - embodying the harvest, the fruits of summer, and the bounty of the land, and The Cutter - embodying winter, death, rest, decay, and the end that brings the new beginning.

The sculptures were made with natural materials which were ritualistically gathered from the Derbyshire countryside with strict respect to the spirit ecology of these spaces.

The Spinner, Weaver, and Cutter became shrines representing the many triads of nature, and visitors were invited to make offerings of soul cakes to them.

The community of the tower enjoyed a day of contemplation on the cycles of nature as they honoured the spirits that inhabit the land. We welcomed the spirits into our community as friends.