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X          Selected Works

All of The Evils of The World, and Hope - 2023
Tempestarium - 2023

Meredith - 2022
Sympathetic Magic - 2022
The Three of Swords - 2022
Henosis - 2021
Under The Lich Moon - 2021
Summoning The Pooka - 2021
The Threshold of The Third Place - 2021
Shadow Meditation I "Hypersexuality" - 2020
The Alphabet of Whispers - WIP

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Pharmaceutical Goetia
ritual peformance, ~15 minutes
exhibited at Gasleak Mountain, Nottingham 2023
filmed at Chaos Magic, Nottingham 2023

A ritual performance inspired by the magical technology found in the Renaissance demonological grimoire known as The Lesser Key of Solomon. I summon the spirits of my psychiatric medication and trap them within a "triangle of arte". I then read the lengthy list of their side effects from a scroll made from the leaflets found in their boxes.
Treacherous Gift Givers!! I hold you to account for your transgressions!