Adam Beaumont is an Artist who works in both traditional and digital media. Shifting   
between the visually complex and the conceptual, he draws equal inspiration from both  
philosophy and psychedelia in order to critique the ways in which we perceive our      
reality and the cultural and ideological structures found within.                       
His varied practice is informed by his personal hallicinatory experiences as well as   
 concepts within epistemology, psychology, science and spirituality.                   
 He utilises visual elements and techniques from religious art, fractal- geometry,      
computing and post-internet art and often uses language and semiotics as a            
tool to frame his work within a paradoxical and labyrinthine philosophical landscape,  
which serves to emulate a world of absolute relativism and purely subjective           
phenomenology. Adam's creative practice fluctuates between the absurd and the profound;
the magical and the rational, drawing influence from the fantastic idealism of the  
esoteric world of outsider art                                                         
He currently resides in the UK.                                                       

coming soon:
A Comprehensive List of Platitudes.
"The Post-Psychedelic Hyperreal and the Cybernetic Dream" (essay, PDF)
"Madness and the Absurdity of the Profound" (essay, PDF)
"The Thermodynamics of Knowledge"

© Adam Beaumont 2015